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While most industries have evolved with the times, public policy management has stagnated. There’s been little to no innovation over the last 40 years. Retaen is leading the charge to set the new standard for the industry. With Retaen, you get the same local expertise in every statehouse and on Capitol Hill, combined with the project management and operating efficiency of a big-four consulting firm.


Through the Retaen network, you get access to some of the best and brightest public policy experts in the field today, many of whom are former elected officials or senior level staff.


The Retaen network currently covers 40 state capitals and the federal government. We continue to expand our footprint too. We expect coverage in all 50 states by the end of 2019.


We're pioneering a powerful project management, KPI based approach to government relations. This means more effective results and ROI for your critical policy initiatives.


When most public policy firms talk about expertise, they mean that their policy experts have mastered a narrow swarth of a particular policy function. Retaen brings a different kind of expertise; while we have over 80 experts in the Retaen network, who do bring statehouse and Capitol Hill mastery, we go several steps beyond that as well.

Retaen has combined our public policy expertise with strategic capabilities, and added a technology layer that raises the bar to a new level for the entire industry. Our team of experts are aided by a technology ecosystem that lets them focus on what’s most important, as they push your policy initiatives and get better results. Our advances are impressive enough that US News and World Report, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The Miami Herald have all written about the amazing ways we’re powering the future of public policy. 

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The problem with most public policy firms is that they’re limited to the state capital where they’re based or deal solely in Washington, DC. This makes it a lot more difficult to coordinate and manage a truly multi-state plus federal policy initiative. Retaen is different because we have a geographic footprint that covers 40 states and the federal government in Washington. Likewise, our powerful project management platform makes managing these sophisticated initiatives a breeze. Beyond physical locations, we also bring a lot to the table in terms of industry expertise. We’ve spearheaded efforts involving disruptive technology, energy, finance, healthcare, insurance, and several other key sectors. Retaen brings both the depth and breadth you need to achieve meaningful public policy results.

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